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Company History

Index Packaging was founded in 1968 by Bill and Connie Lander with the invention of the TIP (N) TELL shipping indicator. About 10 years later, patent rights to the DROP (N) TELL shipping indicator were purchased.

In 1981, the company moved to its current location in Milton, NH where the custom wood, foam, corrugated and warehousing operations grew to where they are today.

In 2002, new and recycled wood pallet operations were added with the purchase of Timber Tech Corp and relocated to the Milton, NH facility. With the recycled pallet operation, a wood grinder was installed several years later to handle wood waste.

Today, Index Packaging employs approximately 170 people in a 120,000 square foot campus style facility and is currently managed by Michael Wiles, President of the company.

Company Philosophy

Index Packaging Inc. is a company built on a strict foundation of service and quality that puts us among the leaders in our industry. As a closely held corporation, we have the freedom and flexibility to make the quick decisions that allow us to meet customer’s demands quickly and efficiently. 

As a growing, mid-size company we have the capacity to handle industrial packaging accounts of any size. Our 120,000 square foot facility is outfitted with manufacturing equipment and warehouse space to handle quick-turn, VMI, or standard customer lead times. Our overall vision and goal is to satisfy every customer, every time.