Custom ATA Cases

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If you are looking for a custom size and the hard, plastic cases do not fit your needs, then look no further than our custom ATA cases. Made with a laminate material consisting of fiberglass or ABS and high-grade plywood, these cases can be made to suit your needs. The aluminum edging along with corner protection, provides stability and durability for any style needed. A pull handle, chest handles, or casters may be added for ease of movement. Custom foam inserts may be provided to hold components such as medical devices, electronic equipment, music instruments and many other products.

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Standard Case Styles:

Heavy Duty
Maximum strength, most durable case offered
Fully ATA-300 compliant
Many hardware options available
Appropriate for solid framed interior partitions

Light Weight
Reduced weight
Solid strength and durability
Non ATA-300 compliant
Limited hardware options

Lightest construction option available
Acceptable strength for lighter applications
Non ATA-300 compliant
Limited hardware options

Color Options:

Other (special order minimum will apply)

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