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Slide packs are a time-saving solution to packaging units in bulk. Simply slide one side open, insert your product, and slide it closed. It will remain protected inside our foam slides.

Slide packs come in different variations of foam including the classic Charcoal grey and the Pink Anti-Static polyurethane foam.

If you ship high volume units and want to save time and money on secure packaging, choose slide packs.


Slide packs protect your product with the convoluted polyurethane foam glued to the inside of the slide.
These packs save time and money by reducing the manpower needed to package your high-volume inventory.
With the ability to custom print on the slide packs, you can be sure the end result is a personalized product that is just right for your company.


  • Paperboard case
  • Corrugated insert
  • Charcoal or Anti-static polyurethane foam


Index Packaging, Inc. is able to create custom sizing that fits the specific needs of your company. Contact us today for more information on how we can help better support your needs.