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Index Packaging, Inc. provides custom wooden crates to fit the needs of your company. We are able to alter nearly every aspect of these specialty items so that your inventory may be shipped in the safest possible manner.

We offer crates with hinged tops, removable tops, swinging doors, raised feet, locks, platforms, and so much more!
  • two small wooden crates
  • small wooden crate
  • small wooden crate top off
  • small wooden crate
  • small wooden crate opened


These crates are incredibly strong. Using wood as opposed to corrugated allows for heavier products to be transported.

Wooden crates are completely customizable. From the size, to the shape, to the hardware - these crates are made just for you.

One of our top priorities is the environment, which is why we promote using wooden crates. Compared to plastics, wood decomposes at a much higher rate - and is even recyclable.


  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Plywood


We will happily create any size crate to fit your custom packaging needs. With our on-site engineering team, we will work with you to figure out the internal and external dimensions that will best protect your valuable inventory. Contact us today for an estimate from our sales team.