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Recycling continues to be a critical need for the packaging industry. We have purchased a state-of-the-art densifier to minimize and recycle polyethylene waste. We have a baler for polyurethane in which our scrap is recycled and used as carpet underlayment. Our corrugated baler consolidates our waste, and is sold to create recycled paper products.

In 2002, Index Packaging purchased a recycled pallet operation in Hooksett, NH, and in 2004 moved the entire operation to our campus-style facility in Milton, NH. We are able to take your scrap wood and pallets and turn it into something marketable and environmentally friendly. Whether it’s converting a broken pallet into a saleable commodity or turning scrap wood into biomass fuel, we can help your company support a zero landfill policy with the help of our Rotochopper wood grinder.

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