Tip(N)Tell® and Drop(N)Tell®

Tip(N)Tell® & Drop(N)Tell® Shipping Indicators

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Every company has a history of innovation and invention. Our history began with the invention of the Tip(N)Tell® shipping indicator. Our founders, William and Constance Lander, developed the idea for Tip(N)Tell® in 1968. Our company was founded based on this invention. Tip(N)Tell is an easy-to-use plastic indicator that, when mounted properly, can tell the receiver if the package had been tipped in transit. Our patented system of reservoir-to-arrow bead transfer with activation pin ensures that the indicator will not be triggered before it’s mounted and that once it has been triggered, it cannot be tampered. This ensures that our customers always receive quality shipments and that their customers can be sure of the indicator’s accuracy. With our standard bill of lading label and the companion label, you can be sure that every shipper will know that your valuable cargo is being monitored with the Tip(N)Tell® shipping indicator. In the recent months, we have engineered a new machine to produce these faster than ever to meet our customers growing needs.

After many years of building and refining the Tip(N)Tell® product, a sister product was launched, the Drop(N)Tell® impact indicator. Drop(N)Tell® is a unique, bi-directional indicator that uses mechanical action to snap an arrow from red to blue in the direction of the impact. Unlike our market competitors, Drop(N)Tell® has a special lock pin that guarantees they will not be triggered upon arrival at our customer’s door. Drop(N)Tell® comes in six G-forces (5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G, 100G) that allow all sizes and weights of shipments to be tracked appropriately.
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Both resettable and non-resettable Indicators available in the following G-Forces:

RangeRecommended Use
5GVery Sensitive
10GSensitive/Fragile Items
15GFragile Items
25GEletronic Equipment
50GSturdy Electronic Equipment
100GHeavy Products
Drop(N)Tell® shipping indicator

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